Ayena Te Oi Mukh | Cover | Mahtim Shakib

July 8, 2018 11:15 am
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Here is the 4th song of the channel.
Thank You for your massive love and support that has been the fuel of our work.
Thanks for the inspiration you gave.

Original Credits
Singer : Mahmudun Nabi
Music: Rabin Ghosh
Movie : Nacher Putul

Cover Credits :

Singer : Mahtim Shakib
Music Composer : Tasnuv Nawal Rahman
Recordist : Ashraf AH Polok
Mix & Master : Tasnuv
Videography & Editing : Rafsaan Chowdhury

Speacial Thanks : Abdullah Mahdi (picchi)


Category: Bangla Song
Saimoon Sadif
About The Author
- I am a student in Class 9

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