Jalebi Bai Item Song From Double Dhamaal 2011 HD

July 25, 2018 10:44 am
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Published on Apr 13, 2014
– English Translation –

Music: Anand Raj Anand
Lyrics: Anand Raj Anand
Label: T-Series
Singer: Ritu Pathak

Note: The title of the song doesn’t have a direct specific meaning but it can be explained in a different way. A Jalebi is a sweet dish very famous in many parts of India. And Bai translates to a ‘Lady’. So when we put the two of them together it doesn’t make sense. But in this song Mallika Sherawat is portraying the character Jalebi Bai, and so she is christening herself as a Jalebi Bai and displaying her attributes similar to this sweet dish. For example, that she is as sweet as a Jalebi or that her body curves are like that of a Jalebi.


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