The Ajaira LTD – শেষ চিঠি | Shesh Chithi | Bangla Short Film | Prottoy Heron | Rayhan Khan

July 31, 2018 10:45 pm
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শেষ চিঠি Shesh Chithi is a Bangla New Natok 2017/Bangla Short Film
This is an emotional shortfilm.A story between two brothers & two friends..

Prottoy Heron
Rayhan Khan
Cinematrography – Tanbir Niloy
Production House – Bd Paris Connection

Produced By – Partho Bhai
Edited- Protty heron
Directed By – Ahsan Habib Niloy

The notion of brotherly love has offered us mixed messages in the past few days. There were two heartwarming stories of reunions – one of the gorillas Kesho and Alf being reunited at Longleat after three years apart, and the other of two American brothers, Ed Muir and Kenneth Corcoran, brought together after being separated for 80 years.

Both the gorillas and the octogenarians were overjoyed to see one another again. On the other hand, the Gallagher brothers have been at each other’s throats once more, with Noel mocking Liam’s band Beady Eye as an “Oasis tribute band” after they covered Wonderwall at the Olympic closing ceremony. The two are in litigation and have barely spoken since Oasis broke up in 2009.

These three pairs of brothers represent two poles of sibling relationships – affection and rivalry. This binary relationship between siblings is one of the most complex and fascinating of all human – and mammal – bonds.

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শেষ চিঠি
শেষ চিঠি (Bangla New Natok 2017) | Shesh Chithi | Bangla Short Film | The Ajaira LTD | Prottoy Heron


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